Corporate Online Profile

Profile Management System


Hello, Dear ...

We are introducing Corporate Online Profile (COP) systems for all doctors. It will be helpful to explore your self to beyond boundaries in your industry. 

'COP' Plan


  • ü Web ID for Doctor.
  • ü Responsive mobile design.
  • ü Website Hosting*.
  • ü 24/7 support.
  • ü Unmetered Bandwidth.
  • ü Professional Design.
  • ü Security (SSL).
  • ü SEO* (Search Engine).
  • ü Email Marketing*.
  • ü Social Media Integration*.
  • ü Globally-Optimized Speed.
  • ü Unlimited Pages.

'COP' Features


  • Ø Personal Profile Updates.
  • Ø Local & International level attention.
  • Ø International Level Comparison.
  • Ø You can Explain your research.
  • Ø Profile visited by leading medical team.
  • Ø Professional Growth & you will be noted in Industry.
  • Ø No Need to create Offline Resume.
  • From Patient Side :
  • Ø Patient can send you their Feedbacks.
  • Ø Patient can take online Token System.
  • Ø Patient can access medical tips..etc…


Please Kindly Download the 'COP' Brochure as PDF Doc.

Call : +91- 701 247 9990,  85 93 01 01 02.

Corporate Online Profile for Doctors from Hash Technologies (pdf)