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Clinic Manager 12.0 Software

How To Select a Clinic software?

Excellent ! 

You have made a great choice to use clinic software for practice. We will make an effort to guide you through this process of selecting clinic software. Have a clear understanding; whether you would want to use a system without Internet access or with Internet? Each of these systems provides advantages and disadvantages over one another. We will explore these options.

Online Clinic Software :

  • Requires a continuous internet connection. Fast internet, good access. Slow internet, slow access. No internet, no access.
  • Software usually comes as a service. Which means, you will have to pay monthly or yearly subscription fee for access?
  • If you stop paying subscription fee, you may not be able to access the system. Vendors may have different ways to deal with this.
  • Allows you to access data from multiple devices like tablets/laptops/phones. Access allowed from anywhere you get internet access.
  • No worry of data loss as your data is held in the cloud.
  • SMS reminders for appointments and follow-ups are sent from the cloud server directly.
  • Subscription fees per year.
  • You also need to account for the internet charges you would incur to function using such a system.

Offline Clinic Software :

  • Does not require internet. Works completely offline.
  • Works directly from your computer. Works faster compared to internet based systems.
  • Danger of data loss if your computers crash since the data is stored on your computer.
  • There is still a danger of data loss with offline backups. Your external hard drive or USB might get corrupt.
  • Usually comes as a paid product and then with some annual maintenance charge.
  • SMS reminders are sent using an additional device provided by vendors.
  • Annual maintenance from next year depending on vendors.
  • Most vendors allow you to use the software even if you stop paying the AMC. You would not get their updates and support.


Which Category does ‘ClinicManager’ fall?


We believe in a new category, Hybrid. It tries to marry the benefits of offline & Online software. Here is how it works.

  • Installed on your Windows laptop, it runs fast because it is installed software. This works best for Doctors who have high load of patients to address, like Physicians, Pediatricians, Gynecologists.
  • You can operate the software completely without internet. You can connect your laptop to internet say once in a day from home or hospital to sync your data to ClinicManager cloud server. Automatic backup of your data happens once a day keeping your data safe and recoverable in an event of a crash. This is an advantage over an offline software.
  • Smartphone access, currently android based, allows you to see limited patient information downloaded from ClinicManager cloud server on your phone. Downloaded information is accessible on your phone without internet. You can check patient details right on the phone.
  • SMS reminders are sent from ClinicManager cloud server. ClinicManager cloud server has details about your appointments if you keep connecting to internet once a day or once every two days. So it just works.
  • Great value product, with low annual maintenance charge. If you stop the maintenance, you can still use the offline software. All your data is with you and no one stops you from using it. However, you lose updates, support, SMS and Smartphone access.
  • Professional prescriptions printed in local language that even my grandmother can understand. Currently available in English, Hindi, Arabic, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, and Malayalam.

Clinic Software- Introducing ClinicManager for EMR ! 


ClinicManager  Software is easy to use, affordable and powerful Software for Doctors to manage clinic at their finger tips. A useful clinic-software for Patient Management, Clinic Management, OPD Management with cloud backup to save your important data. A Practice management software to manage your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) at ease. A complete software solution for your OPD with top notch support team to keep you working without any hiccups. Enjoy the peace of mind with ClinicManager. A Clinic- Software that keeps on evolving as the times change.

Why ClinicManager EMR Software?


  • Allows you to operate offline.
  • No long term contract. You can keep using the software without the AMC as well.
  • AMC is required for services that require our involvement beyond first year.
  • Trusted online backup keeps your data safe and secure. Prevents accidental loss of data.
  • A software with local connect. Allows you to print prescriptions in local languages.
  • Currently supports Prescription in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil,Malayalam and Telugu.
  • Prescription can be printed on your own letter pad or on a plain paper of standard printing size.


Excellent EHR Software for your clinic !


  • Power packed Windows based Laptop/Desktop version to help you function at ease.
  • Android based limited data to allow you to keep a track of your functioning.
  • Send Followup / Appointment reminder SMS to your patients.
  • Capture all EHR data in Clinic Manager 12.0 for future access.


Hello Doctor, Please kindly download the PDF Brochure of Clinic manager 12.0 Software (Diagnosis Software) and send to your dearest persons than let us know your valuable feedback. Thank You !                         

Clinic Manager 12.0 Software Brochure (pdf)


CEO's Letter to Doctors (pdf)



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